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Time Cop coming out of retirement

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1Time Cop coming out of retirement Empty Time Cop coming out of retirement on Wed May 02, 2018 10:02 pm

Greetings, friends old and possibly new, I am here due to registering here long ago, and returning due to a recent news letter that popped up in my email and reminded me that "Oh yeah, that was a thing and it was fun."

I played with several characters in the past on an older version of FFR back around 2014ish, which may jog some memories as to who I was within the game;

Time Cop Kiko
Cosby the Black Knight
Chilzen (Red Mage with hoarding problem)

Due to life and college stuff, I had to step away from the game in the past, but I have ample free time at this point in life, meaning I hope to at least check in on some of my old friends from yesteryear and see what's up with the community. My BYOND name is Overlord SB, in case anyone wants to directly add me on BYOND.

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