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Heya, its Shenox!

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1Heya, its Shenox! Empty Heya, its Shenox! on Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:50 pm

Well, I think I might have waited long enough to actually introduce myself.

As you might have guessed, I'm Shenox. I'm from Germany and I've been around for multiple short periods of time since FFL in early 2010 which couldn't quite get me hooked into playing. I returned to FFR in 2012, where I only leveled a Dark Knight to 99 and then in 2014 where I leveled a Paladin to 99. A lot of small things back then annoyed me a lot which kept me from spending pretty much all my free time on it. And then I found this in late March and I've been around ever since.

I'm a highly competitive player, which basically means I want to finish everything that I can. This included the Shrine, which I refused to surrender to until I managed to actually beat it with the help of Spat, Zelgius, Silith and Jaden. But beating shrine wasn't enough.

While my favorite classes get hit by the nerf bat over and over as it seems, I'm usually still eager to still make stuff work somehow. If you ever hear me complaining about stuff not being good, it probably is. (I even tried to make Ninja a thing before the recent buffs but gave up on that really fast, as it managed to even break me.)

If I'm not idle farming Red Dragons for gold or mastering classes that I probably don't like, I keep crafting theories on how to beat certain things under certain conditions, so you might see me doing reckless stuff such as running through Shrine by myself, only to die again and again to random encounters on my way to the place where I want to check things (which is the most recent dumb thing I did while trying to make "Blizzard Dragon solo" a thing).

Anyway, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask! ^-^ See you ingame! :3

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