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Chara sprites

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1Chara sprites Empty Chara sprites on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:36 am

So i noticed this section was kind of dead (ignore the name here, my usual name didn't seem to wanna work) and figured, why not toss up what i worked on to use on this server.
Chara sprites M4YGjWE
So this is the Chara I made for in game, you might have seen me running around, this was mid progress, as i was still chopping up bits of cyan and locke for the poses, so they differ alittle from what I ended up finishing with
It took most of the day, but i'm rather proud of how it came out (i will get better pics later though, lol)

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2Chara sprites Empty Re: Chara sprites on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:48 am

These look great, especially for a first attempt! Chopping bits and pieces out of other sprites is always a pretty decent way to go about doing things, so long as you can figure out what it is you're looking for.

I'm not sure if you caught this before your final version, but the black outline in most of these have two different colors. One is, what I assume to be at least, the standard black in most art programs preset colors, while the other is the grayish-black color that FF6's sprites use normally. Fix that and I think you're golden ^^. Unless of course you already noticed, in which case please ignore me.

FF4, and the rest of the normal in-game sprites, use the darker black, so if you're privy to consistency, I would go with that to finish the outline. If you like the FF6 grayish-black more, use that instead. It honestly doesn't matter, so long as you're happy with it.

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