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Old FFR and FFL Icons

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1Old FFR and FFL Icons Empty Old FFR and FFL Icons on Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:23 pm

As I assume it is ok to share these icons, this WinRar file I have compiled has a large amount of previous class and special class icons. Included are gender swapped classes, old special classes, etc. I have also included a crappy recolor edit of uhfrank's old Lunar Knight icon, that I made around 2006. All of these icons are old (some probably at least 8 -10 years old,) and in the Legacy format, and need to be converted to the new icon format that is used today. The template can be found on the forum. When making icons using these, remember to remove all custom states, and status effect states, as they are no longer used individually due to the new format (ex. petrify, silence, etc.) Enjoy.

Dropbox Link

Old FFR / FFL icons

HK's guide and example to the new format post can be found here.



I take no credit for any of these icons, aside from the edit of uhfrank's Lunar Knight, in which I have my name in the filename, and that icon is only partially owned by myself, all original credit for the old LK goes to uhfrank. All other icons are credit to whoever made them, (can't remember who made which ones specifically.)  

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