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JTE's shiny new Icons!

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1 JTE's shiny new Icons! on Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:56 pm

If you've ever wanted a closer look at the custom icons JTE makes, here you go.
Click the spoilers to view the DMI as a PNG (and maybe a few GIFs of custom animations), right click and save-as to download it.

New Chocobo:
Note!: This Chocobo's overworld sprites do not completely match the in-game Chocobo NPC sprites,
because the in-game Chocobo NPC sprites are wrong and offset by half-a-pixel around the head and tail in the south-facing sprites.
Such an odd relic of FFR. I've done my best to correct them here to look as-intended, but they're still completely different from how FF4 actually handled it.

Based on this one sprite from Pictlogica Final Fantasy:
Using the base colors from the old FFL chocobo.
Alternate casting animation, if you really want the bird to chant:
Old FFL Chocobo:
Straight port, zero effort.

Muffet 2.1:
I don't mind sharing, but do realize Muffet is one of my most active endgame characters.

2.0 changes:
Gave the hair some color, redid most of the poses, the entire death animation, and portrait.

Proper overworld action animations.
Muffet (older):
Warning: It turns out black hair on a black background makes most of her head invisible in the endgame battle scenes.

Work in progress / Do not use:
JTE's miniature mascot OC.
From Nora's Mouse Chase!
Weak:Hit + Death:
Kebako (CatGirl Without Salad):

Strange character, seems a bit light on animations. I'll figure out how to finish it eventually.

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